Starting a New office in Dubai and need Office Telephone System?

Every business needs a Phone line for their communication. You may need several phones with a PBX System or mobiles, or even a multiple-line phone. Either way, your customers should be able to easily contact you by phone. Panasonic tes824 advanced hybrid system Business Bay You may think what is a PBX System or PABX System

A PBX or PABX System share the telephone lines you taken from the telecom provider. In UAE there is 2 telecom providers are available. Du and Etisalat. Panasonic ns300 epabx Dubai Business Bay Both the providers are distributing their fixed line and internet services based on area monopoly. Example in Dubai, areas like Jumeirah Lake Towers & Business Bay areas the services provided only by Du.

NEC sl1000 epabx system Dubai Business Bay

Once you identified the service provider for your new office area you have to visit their office for applying the telephone line as well as internet. You can discuss with the customer representative for the best plans suited for your business.

If you are small business with 10 to 15 employees then it is ideal to take one telephone number with multiple hunting lines. Panasonic pabx installation Business Bay You can choose the number of channels based on the incoming call and outgoing call traffic. Say you choose one telephone line with 5 channels that means you can have 5 outside calls at a time [ both incoming or outgoing ]


NEC sv9100 epabx system Dubai Business Bay

If you are starling a large business better choose ISDN PRI lines. PRI Lines give you 100 DID numbers with 30 concurrent calls support. In simple words you will get 100 different numbers and make or receive 30 calls at a time. You can give separate phone number for each employee and still maintain the pilot number as company identity for advertisements. hybrid ip pbx Dubai Business Bay Because of the 30-channel capacity you still don’t miss multiple incoming customer calls coming in to the pilot number.

Choosing an Office Phone system [ PBX / PABX] for your Office

You may choose traditional telephone system or a VoIP phone system for your office. Traditional PABX systems are ideal for sharing the incoming telephone lines from service provider between the employees and internal calling between employees. tda100 Panasonic Dubai Business Bay Basic fictions like ring group, call hold, call forward and basic conferencing are available with most of traditional phone systems. Panasonic KX-TA824 is a basic telephone system provided by Panasonic.

NEC sl2100 ip pbx system Dubai Business Bay

VoIP technologies are now widely used. They can be great for businesses in terms of features and productivity tools available with most of the IP Phone Systems. Panasonic pbx 824 Dubai Business Bay Compared to traditional Telephone system VOIP PHONE SYSTEM uses your local area network to communicate each other as well as the IP PBX System.Now a days IP Phones are coming with Dual Ethernet ports. It simply reduces the cost of cabling by using Computer network connection and phone connection in a single cable.

Panasonic pabx Dubai Business Bay

Once you finish the hard part on decision making, then it’s time to think about the budget. Panasonic ip pbx Dubai Business Bay When it comes to VoIP phone system the budget may be little higher than Traditional phone system. But its worthy to inverts on the small difference on prices. Panasonic ns300 Dubai Business Bay IP can upgrade as your business grow. You don’t have to throw away your telephone system when your company grows. It will avoid the expensive re procurement.

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