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Computer data is always at risk of threat or damage. Even with the most consistent equipment and the most secure environment something might go wrong. Any event like crash of operating system or hardware failure can corrupt data or wipe it out completely. Machines can be lost, stolen, or destroyed in a fire or other natural calamities.


Windows Server

Computer crashes Computer crashes contributes maximum to data loss. Since there is minimum possibility of recovery of data. Virus Infection No network is 100% safe. Despite an Anti-Virus or Firewall in place, malicious contents can destroy data. Hard drive failure Hard drives can fail suddenly without warning. The sudden loss of data can be a nightmare if it happens close to a project deadline. Physical computer damage Laptops are less durable and data within is at risk as laptops are easily damaged if dropped or the natural life wears out. Theft Data has become more mobile and thus risk of theft is increasing day by day.

Windows Server 2016 Backup and Restore

Data backup should be high priority as the amount of data stored is increasing, threats of data loss are higher with increasing government legislation.

Windows server backup solutions

Server back-up is a vital task which should be performed on a regular basis and a automated backup solution makes it extremely easy to manage and eradicated any chance of human error. Server data includes business applications, user data and other databases. It is important to have an automated backup solution in place. IOTAP ensures customers have maximum up-time on servers which directly result in better productivity of an organization.

Windows Server System Restore

Mobility now has empowered employees to create and store data on desktops and laptops. Business owners often risk company’s data that is on laptops and desktops. An increasingly mobile workforce means more employee’s working away from the protection of the corporate network. IOTAP provides a secure, offsite, and a completely automated solution a backup of all servers, physical or virtual and Endpoints.

Microsoft Server Backup

IOTAP in India delivers an effective backup strategy which is essential for businesses to be safe from the effects of sudden data loss. The broad range of solutions from IOTAP provides a complete suite to meet the needs of everything from a small business to a large enterprise. With careful consideration and planning, IOTAP helps you create an On-Premise backup schedule that provides full protection of your data with minimum disruption to your business.

Restore Server from Windows Server Backup

Companies of all sizes try to proactively protect themselves from data loss particularly in today’s business environment which has high-end software, low- cost & high-performance storage devices. Organizations are looking for On-Premise backup solutions like:

Restore Windows Server 2019

  • Immediate backup - Fast backup with a minimum time window
  • Simple User Interface – Simple dashboards and less maintenance hassles. Simple licensing policy.
  • Flexible – A solution with enough capacity and enough performance to cover all virtual and physical machines with fast, efficient, and versatile backup & recovery.

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