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Ameera Smart managed Wi-Fi solutions and services in Dubai help relieve clients from the stress of managing the highly volatile and advanced Wi-Fi technology set-up in their workplace. As a leading managed Wi-Fi solution provider in Dubai, we expertly and proactively manage your Wi-Fi infrastructure, you are free to keep your focus on your business goals and customer satisfaction.

Poor Wifi Signal House Solutions Jumeirah

Our fully managed Wi-Fi solutions and services for client in Dubai have evolved from our extensive experience and innovative skills. With our customized Wi-Fi management solutions across various Dubai industries, we help you overcome every day challenges such as:


Poor Internet Signal House solutions Jumeirah

  • Slow WIFI connection
  • No WIFI coverage in some parts of the business premises
  • Inconsistent WIFI connection
  • No WIFI coverage at all
  • Such minor challenges might seem

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Harmless at a glance but over time, their accumulative effects may end up reducing your annual revenue and profits significantly. At GS-IT, we provide you with affordable and efficient WIFI management solutions that enhance your business activities and future growth.

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WiFi solutions Jumeirah have been replacing wired systems in this digital age. Companies, industries, and even residents are opting for a wireless solution. Wireless networks allow better speed without the hindrance of wires. Thus, offer a better and faster solution. Physical infrastructure comes with many benefits, but they also add bulk to the workplace, creating a chaotic environment. Router Signal Booster Jumeirah Thus, transitioning to a wireless network will allow you to experience complete freedom without the clutter of wires. However, poor wireless connections can result in slow connections and affect the workflow. That is why you should choose a trusted WiFi solution provider in Dubai Jumeirah when transitioning to a wireless solution.

Low Wifi Signal Solutions Jumeirah

D-Link Corporation, a global leader in connectivity solutions for small, medium and large enterprise business networking, today announced a new whole-home Wi-Fi solution, the Covr Wi-Fi Kit (DKT-883). The Covr Wi-Fi Kit is a simple, intelligent solution that uses a high-performance router and seamless extender to create a single network with ultra-fast speeds and reliable connectivity, to even the farthest reaches of a home.

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While other mesh network solutions rely on multiple access points, D-Link’s Covr Wi-Fi Kit (DKT-883) uses a premium router as the backbone of the wireless network. The router provides the advanced features and speed needed to power bandwidth intensive activities Improve Wifi Signal Jumeirah like 4K streaming and gaming on multiple devices. Combined with seamless extenders (DAP-1655) to cover hard to reach areas, Covr delivers a Wi-Fi signal to all areas of the home including upstairs, basements and backyards.

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“D-Link’s Cover technology transforms the traditional router-extender solution to an easy-to-use Wi-Fi solution that eliminates the hassles of traditional Wi-Fi while blanketing an entire home with a reliable, fast signal,” said Sakkeer Hussain, Sales & Marketing Manager, D-Link Middle East & Africa. Home Wifi Solutions Providers Jumeirah “Covr is a breakthrough system with advanced networking features designed to address today’s home Wi-Fi needs.”

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D-Link’s line of Cover products utilize award-winning Wi-Fi solutions with self-organizing network (Wi-Fi SON) features from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, Whole Home Wifi Solutions Provider Jumeirah to simplify networking and deliver exceptional whole-home coverage.

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