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Biometric authentication is used as a form of identification and access control. Different types of biometric sensors and devices are available with us to meet your needs. From the cheapest finger print scanners to complicated devices are available in our store. Our expert engineers are available at all time, to set up your organization with any types of biometric devices. The Biometric Access Control System secures, monitors the attendance control system professionally which predominantly uses the fingerprint as the method of authentication to grant the access. The fingerprint access system has been profoundly implemented in many areas which are strictly meant for providing security.

Ameera Smart offers F18 Finger Print Access Control System, which accommodates the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm with the following add-ons.

  • ZK High Performance
  • High-Image Quality
  • Infrared Detection Fingerprint sensor

Biometric Identification Device Jumeirah

The fingerprint has built-in capability with the fastest and concern accurate algorithms which can diagnose the fingerprint recognition in 1 sec, capacity to store 3000 finger print templates and accommodate 30,000 transactions.

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Biometric Machine in Dubai, UAE have been extensively using the Wiegand interface for both input and output which extensively used for the access control system and also provides network interface for TCP/IP or RS485.

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In the technical world, biometric fingerprint device when everything happens automatically and speedily then security evolves to be the most important factor for measuring its reliability and performance. Isn’t it? The whole process is done to make a document of a single person as his identity. Biometric Attendance System provides the prominent role in employee attendance system.

Finger Biometric Device Jumeirah

Employee attendance system is thus based on biometric attendance system. There are several machines and software available to be implemented in various work regions. In the developing industrial and data communicative environment real time tools based on the fingerprint and card reader technologies are available in the market.

Biometric Machine Fingerprint Jumeirah

These Fingerprint Attendance Machine compromise many features like the maximum fingerprints limit, color display and much more. Isn’t it amazing to see such evolution of having a pool of functions done by a medium sized machine that is perfectly portable? We offer customers completely innovative and distinctive Biometric Attendance Machine for managing time and all schedules and their tasks related data.

Realtime Biometric Machine Jumeirah

Another such machine includes RFID card-based machine that is also called T6c. It supports both password and the proximity card with a record capacity of 2000. Thumbprint machines are also used for such storage and have a high demand due to its low price and good performance. So, the attendance management system has changed much and becomes effective and efficient one.

Biometric Access Card Jumeirah

The primary function that is Access Control System is also required so that no any intruder or wrong person can access it. Hence, for that, we have individual machines and systems. biometric access device time attendance systems, thumbprint attendance system and much more are the ways which are providing security and safety with ease.

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